40+ best paid and free video editing software for All

40+ best paid and free video editing software for All

Faced with the need to edit the video, you ask yourself: “What software should I use?”

Good shooting plays a role, but video editing is a process that allows you to create the right impression and dynamics, to engage and push you to the desired action.

Therefore, today we will analyze 40+ video editors for various purposes, including those that we ourselves use.

Table of contents

  • Free software for video editing
  • Paid video editors
  • Online video editors
  • Video editing applications
  • Instagram video editing apps
  • What programs do youtuber use?

What free video editors do the editors choose?

If you begin to learn video editing and are not yet ready to invest in the purchase of expensive software, choose a program from this list. Free does not mean simple or bad. We have put together programs through which professionals create their masterpieces.


HitFilm Express

The video editor is suitable for both Mac and Windows. System requirements are relatively low: the minimum amount of RAM is 4 GB (8 GB recommended), the memory on the video card is at least 1 GB, but if you plan to work with 4K resolution, then 2 GB is required.

Express is a free version. There is also a paid pro. If you speak English, you can see the detailed differences on the comparison page . But, in fact, the scope of opportunities that is claimed for the free version is more than enough for a beginner video editor or Youtube blogger. In the free version of 400 special effects. A good set of tools for working with audio. And if you need something more, you can buy individual adons without buying the Pro version.

The interface of this free video editor is similar to Adobe Premier Pro, but there is only an English version. Therefore, to work with the program, it would be nice to know the language, especially considering that there are practically no decent guides for this software in Russian. But on the developer’s site there is a large collection of instructional videos.

You can import most of the existing video formats, but saving the finished video is only available in .mp4 (H.264). But for $ 9.99 you can buy an upload in AC3 / AVCHD & MPEG-2 formats. In the Express version, video export is possible with the maximum parameters: resolution – 4K, color depth – 8 bits.

Features of HitFilm Express video editor:

  • tools for combining visual 2D and 3D effects (compositing);
  • full-featured tools for cropping and combining video;
  • unlimited number of tracks and transitions;
  • audio and video filters, presets;
  • work with sound;
  • chromakey – remove the background and the backing of your photo or video. better known as green screen technology;
  • work with layers and masks;

Pros: a large set of functions, the ability to buy add-ons.

Cons: it will take time to explore all the features, good guides are available only in English.



A simple but functional free video editor is iMovie. This software is only suitable for devices of the Apple family: IMac, MacBook, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

For experienced users, the toolbox may seem somewhat limited, but the editor is intuitive and well suited for those who are just learning to edit video. Although it should be noted that from release to release the functionality becomes wider, and errors are fixed. So, in the new version, the problem with iMovie access to files on external media is fixed.

Supports working with 4K video, as well as with the formats AVCHD, 3gp, avi, m4v, mov, mp4. But it does not work with video at 360 degrees and video from multiple cameras.

The application does not allow you to customize the user interface, although the new version has a dark mode.

Features of the video editing program iMovie:

  • studio level captions;
  • special effects in the style of Hollywood films;
  • 10 filters to make the video look like a real movie;
  • smart audio collection;
  • green screen support;
  • auto linker for creating trailers;
  • effect “picture in picture”.

Pros: intuitive, the video can be changed in the “Photo” program.

Cons: only for MacOs and iOS, not enough for professional video editing, popular effects are already recognizable and hackneyed.


DaVinci Resolve

One of the most powerful free video editing programs that allows you to perform a full processing cycle in one software. It supports Windows (10 Creators Update), Mac (macOS 10.12.6 Sierra), Linux (CentOS 6.8). Resource-intensive: the recommended amount of RAM is 16 GB, and if you plan to work with Fusion – 32 GB, a powerful video card with a memory capacity of 3 GB or more. More about system requirements can be found here .

If you have experience working with video editors, then understanding the interface is not difficult. For simple mounting tasks: cut, glue, lay music – you can do with simpler programs. But if you want to make high-level filmmaking video, DaVinci Resolve is a great tool. By the way, with his help such films as Ninja Turtles, Warcraft were made.

It supports the import of almost all known video formats, works with RAW, and since version 16 it supports 8K. The patented GPU acceleration algorithms allow you to maintain a high degree of detail and ensure high image quality.

DaVinci Resolve Video Editor Options:

  • tools for color grading, slicing, working with audio;
  • starting with version 15 includes the Fusion software package for overlaying three-dimensional effects and graphics;
  • provides quick export from the application to third-party services, such as YouTube and Vimeo;
  • special fit interface for precise, frame-by-frame editing;
  • work with multi-chamber material;
  • a new way of navigation due to the form of audio singala;
  • YRGB color scheme when the brightness parameter is changed separately.

Pros: powerful color grading, the ability to work with specialists of different orientations (colorists, editors, etc.).

Cons: English-language interface, a full range of functions is available in the paid version, in order to use the full functionality, you should learn a little.



A multi-platform, codec-independent, free video editor for non-linear video editing. It supports 4K and almost all modern video formats for import and export, as well as HTML5 as a source for filters, video, etc.

The program remembers all user actions on the principle of Adobe Photoshop, so you can cancel the action or return to the desired point as many times as necessary.

Functionality of the Shotcut video editor:

  • capture video from a screen or camera;
  • work with audio: length, peak measurement, wave curvature, audio filters;
  • video effects, including transitions;
  • minimal work with color;
  • speed, auto-rotate, display, etc.
  • chromakey, alpha channels;
  • does not require importing video into the program, which significantly saves time.

Pros: can be installed in Russian, fully open source, customizable interface with the ability to work on two monitors.

Cons: an unusual interface, few tools for highly professional installation.



Open source program for processing 3D-graphics with the functions of a good video editor. They are quite enough to satisfy the basic installation needs: cutting and gluing. A good choice if your video has a lot of 3D animation.

Requires 4 GB of RAM. The installation file for Windows weighs only 84 MB.

Blender Video Editor Tools:

  • filters, transitions, adjustment layers;
  • work with color correction, brightness;
  • work with audio: mixing, overlay, synchronization;
  • creation of 2D and 3D animations;
  • compositing, rendering, masking, sculpting, etc .;
  • chroma key support.

Pros: it works stably, takes up little space

Cons: few tutorials on working with Blender as a video editor.



Cross-platform video editor.

Features video editor Lightworks:

  • support for multi-camera video;
  • You can upload directly to YouTube, Vimeo;
  • color correction with hardware acceleration;
  • high-precision slicing frames;
  • filters, transitions, work with sound.

Pros: supports all video formats, intuitive interface. Cons: in the free version, export is limited to 720p directly to Youtube / Vimeo.


VSDC Free Video Editor

Desktop video editor for Windows.

VSDC Video Editor Tools:

  • color correction;
  • Instagram filters
  • sound processing;
  • editing options and simple effects, transitions, subtitles;
  • video capture from different signal sources, including webcams.

Pros: easy to learn, works with 4K video, it is easy to export the result to social networks

Cons: paid technical support, in the free version lower export speed.




Works on Windows 10, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1 or Mac OS X 10.5 or higher. There is also a mobile version for iPhone / iPad and Android.

Features of the video editing program VideoPad:

  • fine-tuning color;
  • mounting functions: cutting, layout;
  • video stabilization;
  • 360 degree video editing for YouTube and VR helmets;
  • transitions, effects, work with animation;
  • a good set of tools for working with sound;
  • text, captions;

Pros: export in resolution up to 4K, basic set of functions, there is a Russian interface.

Cons: not powerful enough for advanced users.


Machete Video Editor Lite

Machete Video Editor Lite

Another video editing program for Windows

Pros: as simple as possible, the result without loss of quality, because no transcoding of audio and video stream.

Cons: in the free version you can’t work with audio, the number of supported video formats is significantly lower than in other video editors.




Suitable for beginner video editors with Windows, Linux or macOS. With its help, you can slow down, cut, glue the video, apply simple filters.

Pros: undemanding to computer resources, simple and intuitive to work, effectively solves simple video editing tasks.

Cons: a modest set of functions.




Multiplatform open source program for video editing. Cope with basic tasks.

Pros: good for beginners thanks to its intuitive interface, it provides basic audio / video layout features, simple filters, transitions, etc.

Cons: the functionality is far from the pros level, there are complaints about unstable operation and “crashes”.


Freemake video converter

Freemake video converter

A converter for Windows that includes a built-in video editor. It will help to rotate, stretch, cut, transfer from one format to another. Allows you to make a presentation, go separate the audio track from the video clip.

Pros: supports 4K and Full HD, upload to YouTube or website.

Cons: can not be called a full-fledged video editor.

What are the best paid video editors available today?

Paid video editors are a guarantee that you will get all the desired features. Sometimes the price scares. But, firstly, some programs can be bought forever (Filmora, Final Cut Pro), if you use them for a long time, the monthly cost will be meager. And secondly, if you are professionally engaged in creating videos and making money on it, even access with a monthly payment pays off.


Premiere pro

Premiere pro

Almost perfect in the world of video editing from Adobe. If you are familiar with other company products, then quickly master the interface. It supports almost all formats up to 8K, virtual reality and 360 video. RGB and YUV color schemes, 32-bit color depth.

The price of a monthly subscription will be $ 20.99 subject to a contract for a year with monthly payment. A weekly trial is available.

If you still do not know how to work in this program, but want to learn, pay attention to the articles:

Features of the video editor Premiere Pro:

  • Premiere Rush – a new program that is part of the monthly subscription package for Premiere Pro, allows you to edit video from your any device.
  • instant sound enhancement on the Essential Sound panel;
  • simple but accurate work with color correction thanks to the Lumetri Color tools;
  • animated templates, audio and video filters;
  • support for most formats.

Pros: cloud, which means you always use the most current version;

Cons: demanding on resources; to learn how to do cool, you have to invest time and money in training.


Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X

Premium video editor for Mac. Also supports 360 videos and augmented reality. Improved performance, due to which rendering, real-time effects, export, editing of more complex projects takes place in less time.

No subscription. To buy this video editing program you will have to pay a one-time payment – $ 299.99. A 30-day test access is available.



Final Cut Pro X Video Editor Options:

  • video editing, audio, motion graphics;
  • advanced grading capabilities (color grading);
  • the most powerful work in multicamera mode;
  • extended dynamic range;
  • supports almost all raw formats;
  • 2D and 3D captions;
  • chromakey;
  • removal of extraneous noise on audio.

Pros: faster than Premiere Pro, good for working with drones;

Cons: Available only on Apple desktops, higher starting costs.


Premiere pro rush

Premiere pro rush

This is a cross-platform video editor, accessible from all possible devices. It is designed for content makers for social networks, YouTube bloggers. Supported by mobile devices: Samsung, Xaiomi, Sony Xperia, Google Pixel, OnePlus. More details can be found on the application page in the Play Market.

Without Adobe Premiere Pro, a monthly subscription would cost $ 9.99. This includes support for Adobe Fonts, Adobe Portfolio, and Adobe Spark, and 100 GB of cloud storage. There is a free trial for only 3 exports and 2 GB of cloud storage.

Features video editor Premiere Pro Rush:

  • shooting video directly from the application;
  • drag’n’drop and other intuitive tricks for quick editing;
  • built-in templates, including animated, plus 100 free animation templates on Adobe Stock;
  • sound balancing, noise reduction using artificial intelligence;
  • simple addition of music and voice acting, as in other non-linear editors;
  • easy change of canvas size: square, horizontal, vertical;
  • plan posting to the desired social network.

Pros: optimal for bloggers and social networks.

Cons: not suitable for serious installation, there is no hardware acceleration.



Suitable for Windows, Android, MAC, iOS. It can work with video resolutions up to 4K.

You can buy a lifetime license for $ 59.99. Unlimited effect downloads will be available for the first 30 days. If you want to have access to effects forever and get a new effect every month, such a package will cost $ 99.87 per month.

What filmora video editor can do:

  • editing tools;
  • work with saturation, contrast, color;
  • split screens, picture in picture, Tilt Shift, green screen;
  • the ability to import into almost any format;
  • original filters and motion effects;
  • A collection of pre-installed audio.

Pros: Russian-language interface, cheaper than other paid solutions.

Cons: poor functionality, the presence of a watermark on the video in the free version, weakly pulls work with heavy files.


Vegas Pro

Vegas Pro

Professional video editing software. The modern release is suitable for Windows 10 OS, at least 8 GB of RAM, and if you plan to work with 4K, then 32 GB is needed.

The price of a lifetime license is rather big – $ 509. When used by subscription, the price per month will be from $ 9.99 to $ 21.99, depending on the payment conditions. The subscription includes program updates, as well as 1-2 exclusive online training VEGAS Pro.

Functionality of Vegas Pro video editor:

  • sound effects and professional audio plugins;
  • editing: dynamic storyboard, built-in timelines;
  • special effects chains at 4 different levels, full support for Open FX plugins;
  • professional grading options, support for HLG HDR
  • video stabilization, motion tracking, plug-in for adjusting lens distortion.

Pros: supports import and export of most video and audio formats, well-documented.

Cons: does not support Mac, lack of Russian, does not save video in AVCHD.


After effects

After effects

The main purpose is to create animations and video effects. Although with its help you can perform a simple installation.

There is a free trial for 7 days. And then, if you want only After Effects, you will have to part with $ 20.99 / month per month. If you want to use the full power of Adobe tools, including Premiere Pro and Premiere Pro Rush – $ 52.99 / month. Pupils, students and teachers can get a discount in the first year of use and pay for the full package only $ 19.99 / month.

If anything, we have made a selection for you of the best online After Effects courses here .

Features of the video processing program After Effects:

  • removal of unnecessary objects from the video;
  • virtual reality video creation;
  • depth of field, three-dimensional objects;
  • work with captions, headings, logos.

Pros: a powerful program for creating animations and VR videos.

Cons: It is not a full-fledged editor for video editing, but in combination with Premiere Pro can work wonders.

See also Best 3D and compositing programs.


VideoStudio Pro

VideoStudio Pro

A simple and feature-rich award-winning video editor. Supports Windows starting from 7. OS 64-bit recommended. Not suitable for Apple product owners. RAM requirements from 4 GB.

The price for a lifetime license is 6300 rubles. There is a trial version for 30 days with limited functionality.

Corel VideoStudio Pro Video Editor Options:

  • 1500+ video effects and filters;
  • 360 video editing;
  • multicamera work on 2 cameras;
  • video capture from various sources;
  • video templates and the ability to create slide shows from photos;
  • There is an unloading in social networks.

Pros: support for most formats up to HD and 4K, Russian interface.

Cons: you can’t fill in the hashtags when uploading to social networks, one main editable video, so you can’t create effects using frames from multiple sources.

What online video editors do we recommend for use?

Online video editors are gaining popularity because you do not need to download and install software on your computer. And the service is also cloudy, then it will be possible to work on the same project from different devices.



Register via Facebook or Google. The program is simple and straightforward. The free version is quite limited – exporting video in 480P SD without a watermark, paid access to audio and video library resources. The paid version will cost from $ 6 / month. with an annual subscription and from $ 9 / month. when paying monthly.

Functionality of the online video editor ClipChamp:

  • video compression and conversion;
  • Transitions, filters, templates, work with text;
  • basic color correction settings: tone, contrast, brightness;
  • main mounting options: rotation, cropping, separation;
  • various aspect ratios of the canvas;
  • library of audio and video.

Pros: various aspect ratios of the canvas are possible, you can download an existing video or record from webcams.

Cons: there are losses in the quality of the final video, only for Google Chrome.


Online video cutter

Can be used online or as an extension for chrome. A very simple editor if you need to quickly adjust the video. Works with formats up to 1080P Full HD. This is not to say that the functionality is strong, but very simple to use. You can upload up to 500 MB or work with videos uploaded to Google disk.

Features online video editor Online video cutter:

  • upload to many formats;
  • You can rotate, cut, shorten, crop;

Pros: no registration required, no watermark, completely free, Russian interface.

Cons: you can’t upload the result directly to YouTube, there are no options for editing sound.



Create funny videos, collages, slide shows for uploading to social networks. This editor requires registration. You can also work without it, but you won’t be able to upload the video. The free version limits downloaded videos: no more than 2 minutes, 1 GB in storage, watermark when unloading.

Lifetime license costs from $ 29.99 to $ 299.99. In the maximum configuration, the program supports working even with 4K video.

Kizoa Online Video Editor Options:

  • adding keywords to tags when uploading to social networks;
  • many tools for editing video and working with text;
  • a variety of photo and video templates, a collection of transitions, effects;
  • the ability to work with audio;
  • Audio library with songs acceptable for use on YouTube.

Pros: a lot of templates, a simple editor for beginners, uploading to social networks.

Cons: significant limitations in the free version, the price is comparable to the cost of a full-fledged video editor, there is no timeline.



Powerful cross-browser and cross-platform online video editor. There is a free version that is very limited. For example, the resolution of the uploaded video is a maximum of 480p. Paid version from $ 4.99 to $ 29.99 per month. Moreover, 4K resolution is supported only from the Unlimited plan ($ 7.99 / month.)

WeVideo Online Video Editor Toolkit:

  • chromakey, Ken Burns effects for creating video from a photo;
  • work with playback speed;
  • work results are stored in the cloud and are accessible from different devices;
  • collection of stock videos, photos, audio;
  • adding static text, video;
  • transitions between scenes, motion effects.
  • slow motion, voiceover.

Pros: the ability to upload to social networks, the most used canvas sizes in social networks are available: square, vertical, horizontal, a powerful set of functions.

Cons: there are many restrictions in the free plan, most interesting functions are supported only in the paid version.



Positioned as the future of online video editing. But in fact, the toolbox is not bad, but not enough for such a high rank.

Works with files up to 1500 MB. It will give all the information about the uploaded video file: resolution, frame rate, bit rate, codecs, etc.

Features online video editor VideoToolbox:

  • converts video to most popular formats;
  • downloads from a computer or URL;
  • Adds your watermarks;
  • extract audio, video or subtitle text;
  • perform the simplest mounting options: cutting, shortening, etc .;
  • embedded subtitle mode.

Pros: completely free, can record from a webcam.

Cons: no transitions, effects.

Did not find what you were looking for? Try online video editors that are not included in the review:

Which video editor to choose for a smartphone?

Mobile video editors often face polar challenges: short films or cute family videos directly; Create automatically or with maximum control by the installer. Fortunately, on Google Play and the AppStore there are solutions for any request.



One of the most powerful video editing apps for Android. Allows you to upload video in 4K format to 60FPS and directly share in popular social networks. A monthly subscription will cost $ 4.99, which is quite expensive compared to other applications.

The functionality of the video editor KineMaster:

  • provides high accuracy in frame-by-frame mounting;
  • multithreaded audio editing;
  • LUT color filters;
  • chromakey;
  • 3D transformations;
  • sound recording.

Pros: non-linear video editor, a lot of functions compared to other applications.

Cons: watermark in the free version, high price.


Power director

Non-linear video editor for Android (version 4.3 and higher) and Windows. Download and use are free, but for some functions, for example, unloading in higher resolution, you will have to pay extra. The cost of a monthly subscription is about $ 5 for a monthly payment.

Features of the Power Director video editing application:

  • powerful tools for editing with timeline;
  • slow motion effect;
  • chroma key and other features from the big movie;
  • stabilization for the captured video;
  • audio editor and scoring;
  • Uploading videos directly to YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  • overlapping tracks one on top of the other.

Pros: supports vertical format, familiar interface for video editors, supports Russian language.

Cons: not available for Apple technology, ads and watermark in the free version.



Paid multi-threaded video editor with support for 4K resolution. Strong functionality, which takes time to learn, is not suitable for users who want a quick and easy result, but will please everyone who works with video on a professional level.

Features of the LumaFusion video editor:

  • 6 tracks for parallel editing of photos, video, audio, graphics, text;
  • additional 6 tracks for audio;
  • the ability to add notes to the scale;
  • transitions, backgrounds, tracks and other additions to create modern videos;
  • work with color correction;
  • various formats: square, horizontal, vertical;
  • chromakey, slow and fast motion and other professional editing tools.

Pros: not only impressive editing functionality, but also the ability to organize and manage video and projects.

Cons: the cost of a full package can reach up to $ 100, available only on iOS, a rather complicated interface.



Free watermark-free video editor for Android. It was developed by the same team as the InShot program known among Insta-bloggers, but YouCut’s capabilities are noticeably large.

YouCut Mobile Video Editor Options:

  • settings for color, brightness, contrast, saturation;
  • installation tools% cutting, splitting, etc .;
  • work with predefined and your own audio;
  • playback speed settings;
  • filters and special effects;
  • publication of the result in social networks;
  • aspect ratio selection;
  • conversion, compression, rotation, video display.

Pros: it works with a resolution of up to 4K, can compress video size up to 90% without much loss of quality.

Cons: you have to spend time studying the functionality, there are complaints about the stability of the work, which, in other things, is typical for all applications.



Available for devices on Android and iOS. In the free version, downloading is not available, texts and titles are closed, stock videos, shares on the FB, analytics. There are three options for a paid subscription. The simplest one costs about $ 3 for a monthly payment, and the most advanced one costs about $ 20 / per month.

Features of the program for video editing Magisto:

  • maximum autonomy, videos are created by yourself;
  • You can create not only videos, but also slide shows with music, video collages;
  • if you didn’t like the result, there is an opportunity to modify it manually;
  • audio collection;
  • You can upload the result to the social network directly from the application.

Pros: available from mobile and desktop; fine-tuning footage, effects and music using artificial intelligence.

Cons: minimal control of the result on your part, it works unstably on some models, in the free version only SD quality is available and then without downloading.

If you want to explore the world of mobile video editors even deeper, test:

What is the TOP 5 video editing application for Instagram?

What are the requirements for such applications? Simplicity, access from a smartphone, the ability to make video under a square or vertical, and even more any effects, filters, stickers.


InShot ( Android , iOS )

This video editing application is loved by Instagram bloggers for its simplicity and a good set of features. Saves in quality from 120p to 3840p (4K). In the free version there is a watermark that can be removed by viewing ads.

The paid version offers a larger set of filters, effects, stickers. The price is about 3-4 dollars / month.

What the InShot video editing application can do:

  • mounting: cut, shorten, lengthen;
  • video speed change;
  • adding stickers, filters, text, effects;
  • You can add multiple audio tracks, adjust the volume;
  • changing the aspect ratio, while you can choose to fill or stretch.

Pros: all the functionality of video editing is available in the free version, an intuitive interface.

Cons: no transitions, you can not take a step back, i.e. cancel the operation ..


Boomerang ( Android , iOS )

An application for editing video from Instagram itself. It is difficult to call this a full-fledged video editor, but the program creates dynamic videos that are popular in this social network.

Boomerang app features:

  • takes 10 photos, of which creates an accelerated video that plays back and forth;
  • You can immediately publish the video on Insta or Facebook or save it;
  • works with a conventional and front camera.

Pros: making videos is easy, and sharing with them on Instagram is even easier.

Cons: the editor has one single function.



Originally conceived as a video editing application with GoPro. But it copes with material shot on other equipment. The main feature is the automatic creation of video collages from your photos and vedeo. The program selects the most interesting moments, imposes music and you get a finished result.

Quik Video Editor Options:

  • 23 video templates with transitions and effects;
  • change the video speed;
  • work with text;
  • crop, adjust the video;
  • 100+ collection of free audio;
  • transition synchronization with music.

Pros: Ideal for beginners and quick video editing.

Cons: not suitable for experienced users who are accustomed to maximally control the video editing process.


Likee ( Android , iOS )

This is a social network and two in one video editor. Therefore requires an account registration. Allows you to create short videos with powerful special effects and all kinds of add-ons, as well as upload them directly to the network applications, popular social networks and instant messengers or save to your device.

What the Likee video editor-social network can do:

  • 4D special effects;
  • beauty filters to hide flaws and quickly create a make-up;
  • stickers and filters;
  • live broadcasts;
  • music and blanks from famous films for creativity $
  • You can work with ye captured photos and videos or shoot new ones using the application.

Pros: effects adjust to the rhythm of the audio, so the videos are dynamic.

Cons: insufficient opportunities for full installation, a watermark and an insert with the application logo at the end of the video.



Another program for automatically creating video collages from your videos. In terms of functionality, it is similar to other similar video editors, but differs in UI / UX. And when editing video, everything should be conveniently clear and fast, so try Splice to uniquely select your favorite.



Video Editor Functionality Splice

  • video slicing and editing options;
  • A collection of music for your videos
  • setting the length of the video, playback speed, transitions;
  • Add text
  • Upload to YouTube.

Pros: free, supports 4K;

Cons: only for iOS; the audio collection has tracks that are closed for commercial use and monetization, so you can get a warning from YT.

Continue exploring the world of video editing on Instagram. Learn other programs:

What video editors do youtuber use?

To successfully promote the YouTube channel, it is tedious to pay attention to the quality of the shooting material, which means using good light, a camera, and equipment for stabilizing video and recording audio in your work. But no less important when creating cool videos is post production, which means you need to choose the right program for video editing.

If the information load of the video is strong, and the quality of the footage is at a level, then a simple video editor that can save the result in good resolution is suitable. But, if the “trick” of the channel is built on special effects and editing, then something more powerful is needed.

So what programs do the best YouTube bloggers use? Leaders are:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro, it is used by such channels as PewDiePie – 101 million, JerryRigEverything – 4.67 million. TheKateClapp – 6.74 million;
  • Final Cut Pro, it is chosen by the authors of such channels as CaseyNeistat – 11.5 million, iJustine – 6.14 million, Ay, How Simple! – 911 thousand

Above in this review we have already discussed their capabilities. In principle, any program from our review may be suitable for this case.

But if you are just starting your career as a “blogger” and want to start uploading videos without any long foreplay, we offer you 3 more programs specifically for YouTube.

1. Vlogit from the creators of Filmora

Create customized intro and vivid screensavers directly in the application, upload the result to YouTube or other social networks. An important plus is that there is no watermark. But for some options you still have to pay extra

2. Video Maker

It is positioned for video editing for YouTube, with the ability to edit and trim video. The developer is InShot, which is probably why Video Maker is practically no different from the InShot application. Of the benefits – there is no watermark.

3. YouTube Studio ( Android , iOS )

If you plan to upload video to the channel via your smartphone, you should install it. In this program, all the settings related to the optimization of the video for the search are performed, you can immediately see the analytics and check the monetization settings.