About US

Virtual IT Institute was founded in 2018 and is one of the leading training and consulting centers in Bangladesh.

Virtual IT Institute today is the optimal composition of courses, programs, projects that meet the challenges and requirements of the market: authorized training for vendors – strategic partners of the Institute, self-developed courses, e-learning, certified teaching staff.

The accumulated experience, high business reputation, partnerships with IT market leaders allow the Institute to conduct educational programs in popular areas, such as information technology, information security, graphics and design, application development, business applications, IT management and project management, state and municipal government.

Virtual IT Institute mission: “Through training to success!”. We solve complex customer problems. Our programs are targeted at government agencies and commercial companies: from corporations to small businesses. Private trainees – students can become certified specialists in preferential programs, and professional development is available to increase competencies and qualifications.

Turning to Virtual IT Institute, you will find relevant courses for the staff of your organization or for yourself. Students are provided with the latest teaching materials, training takes place in equipped classrooms in branches across the country, and using e-learning and virtual laboratories even at home.

We make sure that each stage of interaction with Virtual IT Institute – from getting to know the Institute to receiving an education certificate – is convenient and simple. We are pleased with the loyalty of People: members of our club of IT professionals IT Pro Club receive gold cards with discount programs for further training.

From year to year, Virtual IT Institute maintains the authority of the educational institution, we flexibly respond to market changes, our goal is to timely determine which solutions and directions will be in demand both in the near future and in the long term. Virtual IT Institute is a multidisciplinary training and consulting center with an attentive attitude to the customer and the best educational traditions. We do not just train; we bring success to our students!

High business reputation

Partnership with IT market leaders is one of the priority areas of the Institute’s training business. Therefore, for Virtual IT Institute, high partner statuses and vendor awards are a valuable confirmation of exceptional professionalism.