Digital Film Making Course

Advanced Digital Film Making  Course. Fees 25000/=


Virtual IT Institute digital filmmaking course is for those wishing to become professionals in the field. The course covers all aspects of filmmaking ranging from creative storytelling to technical mastery of shooting and editing to the technologies of the future.  Professional filmmakers, cinematographers, sound designers, editors and others will guide and empower the students to create high-quality, broadcast standard films across different genres.

The Four-months course will be conducted at Virtual IT Institute in the heart of Dhaka makes the course a tremendous opportunity to enter the world of professional filmmaking, be it producing TVCs, music videos, corporate videos, fiction and non-fiction (documentary) films.


01) History of Film and Film Genres

02) Understanding Fiction-based Filmmaking and Documentary Filmmaking

03) Pre-Production

  1. a) Script Writing
  2. b) Storyboarding
  3. c) Casting, Location Scouting, Scheduling etc.

04) Production

  1. a) Direction.
  2. b) Working with Actors
  3. c) Understanding cinematography
  4. d) Working with a DoP
  5. e) Production Design.
  6. f) Using DSLR, Camcorders, RED, Black magic & other cameras
  7. g) Working with sliders and stabilizers
  8. h) Aerial videography
  9. i) Lights & lighting
  10. j) Sound Recording (on location and in studio)

05) Post Production

  1. a) Editing
  2. b) Titling & sub titling
  3. c) Color correction & Color grading
  4. d) Sound recording (in studio & on location)
  5. e) Sound Design
  6. f) Music
  7. g) 360 VR
  8. H) Special & Visual Effects (VFX)

The program shall include high end VFX like, Chroma Keying, Cloning, 3D motion tracking, Time remapping (slow & fast motion), Time Slice (see video below) and many more…

06) Working in different Commercial Genres

  1. a) TV Commercials
  2. b) Fashion videos
  3. c) Corporate films
  4. d) Music videos
  5. e) Short films
  6. f) Documentary films

07) Screening, Packaging & Distribution for different markets and Film Festivals


Adobe Premiere/Edius (Updated Version)

After Effects

Video scribe


Assistant Producer/Director

Video Editor



Brand Executive

Media Executive

Sub-Editor Visual

Fee: 25000
Duration: 4 Months (2 Days a week and Class time 2 hours a day)

Our training students receive a discount of up to 10% on new courses.

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Batch Duration: 4 months / 16 weeks

Day and Time: (2 hours a day, 2 days a week)

Start Date: Ongoing

Fee: 25,000/=

Who can Join: Everyone


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