What is illustration: types, styles and techniques

Let’s finally sort it out: what is illustration, its types, styles, techniques, and how does an illustrator differ from a designer.
We will analyze concepts with vivid examples of illustrations in different styles. In attempts to deal with the illustration and its types, most likely, you have come across many thematic sources that give too narrow a concept. Similarly, training courses for illustrators offer a program to study one or a couple of styles

How to create your own T-shirt design: 7 tips and 40+ examples

To choose interesting and unusual clothes among the presented masses of the market is a really difficult task. Fortunately, with simple skills, you can create your own T-shirt design that is limited only by your imagination. We picked up a few rules, tips and ideas that will help you get a T-shirt with your own design and show your personality.

40+ best paid and free video editing software for All

Faced with the need to edit the video, you ask yourself: “What software should I use?”

Good shooting plays a role, but video editing is a process that allows you to create the right impression and dynamics, to engage and push you to the desired action.

Therefore, today we will analyze 40+ video editors for various purposes, including those that we ourselves use.

33 trends in graphic design 2020

2020 opens up new opportunities for designers to prove themselves. Today, graphic design trends are truly striking in their beauty and novelty. Let’s see how designers can surprise us this year.
We have selected TOP 33 design trends that will be popular in 2020. This will allow you to be in a trend and create unique copyright illustrations

Consider The Main Emerging Trends Of 2020 In Motion Design

We’ll touch upon trends, from films and commercials to case studies and everything in between. You would not have seen this article without the myriad contributions and efforts created by agencies, studios, companies, contractors, freelancers, agents, sound engineers, film crews, 3d artists, visualization systems, and everyone involved in creating the stunning results below.

Virtual IT institute graphic design know how

Graphic design is a means of visual communication. Simply put, it is an expression of ideas, meanings and values through images, images, fonts, videos, etc. Interesting modern specialization. we have prepared a detailed review of this area with a large number of examples, which include